Have You Heard About The Google Screened Program?

As you probably know, Google has a culture of making updates and improving features that serve different purposes. The Google Screened Program is one of the new features designed for professional services businesses. Find out more about it below:

What Is It The Google Screened Program?

Essentially, it’s a badge of trust accorded to professional services businesses. Through this badge, these firms are able to build a trusted status online. This enables them to bring their customers closer to them. However, you should take note that not every business can make its way to the Google Screened Program. Businesses must meet the following requirements to be in the program:

  • A pass in business-level and business-owner level background check
  • A license and background check for all employees
  • A business must have a 3.0 rating or above

The background checks are very significant as they inform customers that the professionals they are working with have gone through the much-needed vetting process. Once customers are aware of the online reputation of a firm, they can have confidence to work with it.

Which Firms Does The Program Cover?

The businesses that are eligible to be part of this program include: law, financial planning, and real estate.

How Can The Program Benefit Your Business?

Based on the background checks your business has to go through to get the Google Screened Badge, it might seem like it’s a tedious process but it will eventually bear good fruits. If you are successfully incorporated into the program, you will have a green mark appearing under your name when potential customers search for your business.

There are benefits associated with being part of this program. The main advantage of earning your badge is that you get to show your customers that you’re a reliable business that can offer them exactly what they need. Not many businesses have such a reputation; hence, if you’re able to gain that advantage, it will be a plus for you. Moreover, you will have a competitive edge in your market space. Since it’s highly likely that not all firms in your market environment will get the badge at the same time as you, you will appear more attractive compared to them. This is good for your business’ growth. Lastly, you will have the opportunity to run Local Services Ads. Without the badge, you won’t be able to run the ads. So, your ads will be appearing at the top of search results. In fact, they appear above the common paid ads that usually appear first.

Indeed, the Google Screened Program offers a lot of promise for firms. However, the only problem here is that only businesses that offer professional services are eligible for the program. Professional services businesses have to be trustworthy for customers to make use of them. Since these businesses deal with sensitive and highly valuable elements, they have to prove their credibility for customers to work with them with confidence. That is why the program is a win for both the firms and customers.

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