What You Need to Know about the Google Guaranteed Program

Over the years, Goggle have proved it’s transcending worth by coming up with innovative features that are not only good for businesses, but also for customers. Undoubtedly, the online space has been growing big, and the prospects of more growth are evident. It’s for this reason that the Google Guaranteed Program came into the picture. It was launched by Google in Canada, in 2018.

The main target of the program is particular home service sectors. Through it, customers are able to get high quality services as well as escape falling into the trap of deceptive services. Certainly, the Google Guaranteed Program is a valuable resource with the potential of helping businesses reach new heights in their respective market spaces. Based on this premise, this article will explain all the information you need to know about the program.

What Is The Google Guaranteed Program?

From the onset, it’s important to take note that the program is available in particular places in the U.S and Canada. It’s still in the testing process, so it hasn’t yet taken an expansive angle. Its launch had in mind various business services in the home-based service segment. It will interest you to know that the program is part of Google AdWords.

Before a business gets listed under the program, it has to go through several imperative checks. The requirements that a business should have include:

  • Verification of insurance
  • License in accordance to the relevant laws
  • A general business liability insurance
  • Business and owner license
  • Background checks

If a business goes through the screening process and passes, it qualifies to have the Google Guaranteed badge.

What Prompted The Launch Of The Program?

There are reasons that made it extremely necessary for Google to launch the Google Guaranteed Program. To begin with, it had increasingly come to Google’s notice that some businesses were taking advantage of their customers by putting up fake reviews and ratings online. This was a deceptive way of making prospective customers believe that they can get what they need from these businesses. Based on the nature of the online space, it’s difficult for Google to establish whether the reviews and ratings added by these businesses were legitimate or not. So, in order to avoid this and make sure that customers receive quality and reliable home services, Google came up with the idea of the program.

Again, there are situations where customers request for a service online and get connected to vague call centers. Normally, this is a preconceived idea by dishonest businesses to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. In most cases, customers end up paying a lot of money for services that weren’t satisfactorily rendered. The home services segments that this scenario mostly applies to include: plumbers, locksmiths, landscapers, and handymen. These people pretend to give the best services to unsuspecting customers, but they end up disappointing massively. It’s for this reason that Google launched the program so as to certify local businesses with the Google Guaranteed badge. This goes a long way to protect customers from unreliable and untrustworthy businesses.

What Are The Advantages Of This Program?

There are various benefits that this innovative program brings on board. One of the major advantages is that users get quality services. It’s so satisfying for users to get the services they expect from their providers. If a customer gets in touch with a business listed under the program, there is a guarantee of quality services, which is a plus for all parties involved. Another major benefit associated with the program is the capacity of businesses to get qualified leads. The more a business presents itself as genuine and dependable, the more qualified leads it gets. Lastly, it’s possible to get legitimate reviews from users. Initially, Google couldn’t verify whether the reviews listed on websites are real or not. But, the program gives Google assurance that the reviews are true.

Which Industries Are Covered By The Google Guaranteed Program?

An important question is whether the program is applicable for all home service industries. The best answer to this question is that it varies from country to country. For example, in Canada, it’s applicable to locksmith, plumber, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). In the U.S, the list is larger and it includes: HVAC, pet grooming, pest control companies, photographers, junk removal, window cleaning and repair, electricians, garage door installers, car repair, appliance repair, house cleaning, event planners, carpet & upholstery cleaning, lawn care, pet boarding, roofing, locksmiths, and water damage services.

How Do Businesses Benefit From the Program?

Businesses benefit greatly from this initiative by Google. Once a business passes the test and gets listed, it earns a badge showing that it’s a reliable one. Customers always work with businesses that are trustworthy, and that is what the program seeks to do-increasing the trustworthiness of businesses. Searchers have confidence that they can work with a business approved by Google. For this reason, lead generation becomes possible for a business. Essentially, the more powerful leads your business generates, the more competitive and profitable it becomes. In addition, since a business with a Google Guaranteed badge appears at the top of a search result, an audience develops more trust and confidence in it. It’s easier for an audience to work with such a business compared to those without the badge.

How Does Google Reimburse Customers?

If, for some reason, customers don’t get satisfied with the services that a business under the program offers, Google reimburses the cost of initial service. The compensation goes up to $2000 USD in the U.S and $2,000CAD in Canada. However, the compensation is only valid if you book a service through Local Service or Google Assistant. Also, affected persons should pass their claims within 30 days of the original service completion date. You should have the receipt indicating the payment details as well as the name of the business that provided the service. In case you have any claim, you can always contact Google support for help. Still on the reimbursement issue, it’s significant to take note that Google doesn’t compensate in the following circumstances: damage to property, cancellations, price dissatisfaction, trip charges, add-ons, and diagnostic fees.

At What Point Does The Google Guaranteed Program Charge Businesses?

The Google Guaranteed Program only charges businesses when they get valid leads received through local service ads. Google doesn’t charge for views or clicks. The cost per lead varies depending on various factors including: type of lead, location, and the service. The following situations fit into the category of valid leads:

  • Receiving texts or emails from searchers
  • Getting a voicemail from a customer
  • Communication between a business and a customer on phone
  • Contacting customers back via any of the above means

How Businesses Can Get Listed Into The Google Guaranteed Program?

In order for customers to work with reliable and guaranteed businesses, Google has set up a system for verifying whether a business can fit to be in the program or not. Google creates a system through which customers are able to connect with businesses with ease. For a listed company, customers have access to the following information: address, location, contact details, reviews, business hours, and any other relevant information. This information allows customers to have a better understanding of a business before they work with it. Before a business gets into the program, it has to sign into the Local Service ads. Businesses that want to be part of this program have to go through a background check and pass as well as verify their licenses and insurance.

In-Depth Details about the Screening Process

Since the screening process will open you up to great benefits associate with this program, your business has to be ready for it. Remember, if you get listed, you will have a better chance of getting more leads, which is a huge plus for your business. The first thing you have to put in mind is to make sure that you have a valid license and insurance for your business. Without this, you can’t get the Google Guaranteed badge.

Additionally, you should ensure that you have a well managed Google My Business page that goes through verification regularly. This will give you a big advantage as you seek for the program’s certification. Moreover, request your satisfied customers to write reviews about your services and don’t neglect the negative comments. This will show your genuineness and trustworthiness as a business. Lastly, be sure to look out for regular updates of Google Guaranteed program reviews and be quick to register once your industry becomes part of the list.

Indeed, the screening process is not an easy one. However, once you are through with it and you pass, it has the capacity to improve your lead generation significantly. Remember, once you get registered into the program, you have to maintain your badge well because it can be revoked. The best thing to do is to follow the rules set out by Google for you to increase your online visibility in a big way. If you can take advantage of this opportunity, your business can expand its competitiveness considerably.

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